You don’t care

Emotions are a concept that some people just never seem to fully understand. I on the other hand have always been a girl who feels everything. I cry when I’m sad and laugh when I’m happy. I tell people how I feel, at least for the most part. I turn red when I’m embarrassed and giggle when I’m nervous. So why is it that having emotions, having feelings are so lost on others. You have those people who you allow to become close to you, you let them in and show them your quirks. Only to have them completely tear your emotions to shreds! Don’t they get that words hurt, that feelings are hard to repair and you can’t take back what you say. Self doubt starts to creep in…there must have been something you did. Why can’t you be more likeable, why are you so clingy. He doesn’t actually like you, he is just being nice to appease you. Wait for the inevitable Kelsey, one day he will tell you to get the fuck out of his life…just drop you with nothing more then a talk to you later. He doesn’t care, so why do you? His heart is cold, he is emotionless, he never wanted to be your friend. Because my heart is warm, because I have emotions and because I did want to be his friend. Words hurt, and what you said hurt me.